Day 27

Apologies for the silence.

I am currently on a plane headed state side, having left Dubai just a few hours ago. It was late when I arrived at the DBX airport last night from KTM, though the earth was still hot and the air outside scorching. I checked into my hotel around 11:50PM and then explored the Marina area in search of food, which I found in the form of a cafe/restaurant called Camoon. In the morning I got breakfast and just managed to catch a shuttle to the Mall of the Emirates, an extravagant building with so many Luis Vutton and Versace-esc stores that it bordered on ridiculous. I wandered for a while, eventually stumbling on a near-empty arcade called Magic Planet. It was less than hour before checkout, so naturally I bought a pack of tickets and proceeded to have way too much fun for a second-year college student to be having by himself at 11 in the morning in what what was essentially a beefed up Chuck-E-Cheese. On the cab ride back to the airport I passed by Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, which sat (or rather, stood on its tip toes) amongst a forest of impressive-looking skyscrapers. From the car window the entire urban area felt almost too well built, each plot of land spaced out rigidly like a lego set. Maybe it was the stark contrast from Nepal, but I felt strangely disconnected from my surroundings. Then again, I’ve only spent a total of 30 hours here and most of that was at night.

Anyway I’ll be publishing posts from the previous three weeks over the next few days, starting with our visit to Pashupatinath. I have a lot to catch up on, as school work and lack of internet made uploading difficult.

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